What is Drone Technology and It’s Pros And Cons?

What is Drone Technology: Logically by now, everyone would have known what drones are? But still, there might be a few people who are not aware of what a drone is and what it is used for? So, if you are one of them, then here is the definition of drones. Drones are aerial vehicles that are capable of carrying goods above the ground. They are capable of flying light composite materials and increase maneuverability. The components of drones include communication system devices, unmanned aerial equipment, and a ground-based controller.

The controls of the drones can be automated with the help of computers or can be controlled by a human. Drones have been very useful for people in professions like vlogging, photography, etc.,

So, here is a list of the pros and cons of using drone technology:

What is Drone Technology and it’s ProsWhat is Drone Technology and It's Pros And Cons

Can Fly: Earlier, drones were only confined to land navigation. Now, drones are capable of lifting itself to a certain elevation from the ground, with a push of a button. As soon as a user launches the aerial drone, it activates the propeller engine and elevates to the defined height and provides the operator with the required atmospheric information.

Used For Logistics: Online retail companies and  Transportation corporations are using drones for their logistics purpose. This is another best way to increase the quality of their delivery services to the clients. eBay and Amazon are planning to use drones for the logistics purpose to improve their delivery framework. Also, drones reduce transportation cost while moving a product from one place to another.

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Saves Time: People who are in photography and other graphics related profession can use the drones for capturing the images and videos of the surroundings nearby. All the recorded media from the drone can be easily transferred to external hard disk, as the drones have inbuilt storage systems. Transferring data from drones to personal systems can prevent leakage of the data to third party users.

Less Effort: Aerial Drones provide better access compared to the traditional cameras, as they can fly above the ground level and capture the surroundings with ease. They are also small and lightweight compared to traditional cameras. Hence it is very easy to carry them wherever you go. The only thing a user needs to carry is the mobile device to operate the aerial drones, to capture the images and videos.

Live Streaming: Drones are handy when it comes to live streaming any important events. The drones can be used in the areas where heavy population, groups, individuals are present. There is no restriction on aerial drones for recording the live events. Hence the users can stream the business meetings live. These videos can be even updated on the blogs, social media pages of the businesses.

Drone Technology’s Cons

Short Lifespan: The lifetime of the drones is very short compared to the traditional video cameras. The batteries designed for the drones are very small. Hence the average life span of the drones is only 4 hours.

Vulnerable to Attacks: When flying drones in the areas where there are a lot of wild animals, the device is vulnerable to attacks while capturing the images, videos. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by the vloggers as they notice that their drones suddenly go missing.

Easily Hacked: Hackers can easily get the data of the drones and invade the main control system. The control and network systems of the aerial drones have the important information which can be easily accessed by the hackers without the knowledge of the drone owner. Hackers can even corrupt the files of the drone and download the data available in it.

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Spying: When the criminals try to use their target victims, they can use the drone to spy the day to day activities of the victims. The loud sounds of the drones are no longer audible, once they are launched into the atmosphere. The activities of the victims can be easily tracked even during the night time, with the help of night vision drones.

High Atrocities: Drones which are used for the military purpose can fire arsenals to common people mistakenly. This can cause damage to properties and also result in huge fatalities. Drones are still under the development to prevent such kind of high risk of atrocities.

These are some of the pros and cons of using drone technology in the modern world. If you are planning to use drones for your work, then definitely they can be of high help. But, if you are planning to use it for any shady purposes, then it is not recommended.

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