6+ Ideas about How Tulsa trucks use efficient asset tracking?

Moving assets from one point to another might sound pretty simple, but it is quite complicated. Though the idea sounds simple, moving goods from one location to another across the country needs strict 24×7 monitoring. To gain top rankings in the asset moving industry, one needs to be very attentive and strict in this competitive field. Many factors need to be considered to ensure safe and faster delivery of the products to the destination, and asset tracking is one of them.

Handling assets is quite challenging task irrespective of your trucking company fleet size. One of the crucial requirements in asset tracking is managing the logistics and make sure that the product arrives on time to the client.

Managing assets is no longer a simple excel entry work, and this is where the asset tracking solutions come into play. Asset tracking solutions help the clients to track the delivery of their products, get information about the transport, current location of the good, and also solves many critical issues faced by the businesses related to logistics.

Let us see how Tulsa trucks use efficient asset tracking for their business?

There are many major factors to be considered in asset tracking to streamline your business process with the system. If you have clear understanding of what your fleet service requires, you can avoid paying extra for asset tracking system features, which you might not need for your business.

Here are a few things Tulsa trucks considers in the asset tracking solutions, which might be of some help for your fleet service business as well:

Use GPS: With the increase in the latest innovations, GPS technology has also improved a lot. Installing a GPS in the trucks can improve the travelling efficiency and safety of your trucks. GPS allows you to monitor the current location of your truck and give the customer’s timely update regarding the delivery of their goods.

You can also provide your customers with competitive pricing, as the GPS trackers allow you to come up with accurate pricing for your services. Also, with the help of GPS, you can plan your delivery route, and cut down the fuel costs and other truck expenses.

Maximum Utilization of Software: You can integrate GPS with the mobile or desktop app and provide a timely update to the customers with a simple tap on the application. You can also generate invoices, text notifications, delivery receipts, and automate other processes related to your delivery.

Eliminate Sidelines: With continuous monitoring of the truck, the drivers of the truck are being monitored continuously. This brings a sense of awareness among the truck drivers and prevents them from doing any sideline jobs. This protects your brand from being involved in any unwanted activities done by the truck drivers, an increase in the fuel costs and maintenance of the truck, and a decrease in productivity of the drivers.

Ensure the safety of the Personnel: Delivery through road transportation has always had its pros and cons. However, in certain cases of robbery, bad weather, vehicle trouble, a rescue team can be dispatched immediately. This way, you can deliver the products on time to the customer, with the help of real-time tracking.

Anti-Theft Feature: By chance, if your truck is robbed, you can immediately inform police regarding the loss of the vehicle. Police can track your truck with the help of installed GPS system in your truck, and recover it immediately.

Lower Insurance Costs: Having an asset tracking system installed in your truck can be beneficial in terms of insurance as well. Most of the insurance companies are aware of having asset tracking systems installed in the trucks. Hence, they provide discounts on their insurance premiums.

Key Performance Indicators: Customers claim that their delivery has been a delay and try to put the transactions on hold. In such situations, you can raise a dispute by showing them the proof of transactions as generated by the tracking solutions.

Provide Efficient Services: The logistics business is a very competitive market, and you must provide your customers with an efficient service, to stay on top of the list. By having asset tracking systems installed, you can manage faster routes and provide faster yet reliable services to your customers.

These are some of the ways how Tulsa trucks use efficient asset tracking in their business and stay on top of the game.

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