Best 07+ Best Sites to Listen Songs for Free in 2020

Music is undoubtedly a miracle, and that is the reason it loved & appreciated all over the world. People listen to those tunes & songs which they don’t even understand, and that is the beauty of music. In this economic world, everything is paid, and business firms are launching paid streaming services to make money out of music. Today, I am going to share some of the best sites to listen songs for free in 2020 and drop an overview of each.

There were a massive amount of sites a year ago, but most of them were taken down because of violating copyright issues. If you are struggling to download songs on the internet without any extra fee or charge, then read this article carefully. Let us not waste any more of our time and move further to the main subject.

Listen Songs for Free in 2020

There are thousands of sites that promise to download & streaming of songs, but the majority of the sites have creeped with advertisements & surveys. If you are looking for backup sites because of the increase in shutdown rate, then please refer to the list below.


SoundCloud is an astounding site that does not need an introduction because it is the best site to stream & download premium music for absolutely free. It features community forums for you to participate in discussions and also lets you share your personal music to let your audience download it without any hassle. So if you are looking for a reliable source to download your favorite music, then SoundCloud is certainly the perfect go for you.


Jamendo is a community that is growing rapidly all over the world, and the unique thing about it is that it allows musicians to publish their songs for completely free. Unlike many streaming services, Jamendo offers a wide range of music without any subscription charge. It has more than 4 lac premium tacks by 30k artists, which makes it a reliable & potential source of a daily dose of music.

As the name suggests, will satisfy your music needs, and it is the LAST stop of your melody search. I have personally used it a hundred times to download my favorite tunes, and that is why I recommend it to you. features a wide range of tunes by the most popular artists from all around the world, and that makes it a potential source to download music. If you are confused between so many choices, then you should definitely try your hands on


ReverbNation is created by a musician, and therefore, it benefits all the independent artists by letting them share their music. People can join the ReverbNation community and listen to a broad range of music artists directly. ReverbNation has given birth to many artists by letting them gain popularity through their songs. I listen to many independent artists that cannot afford to go commercial, but they are looking to create an audience to gain recognition. It offers a wide variety of music that satisfies all types of taste.


I won’t say much, but the world’s biggest streaming site also offers a music streaming service called YouTube music. It has the widest range of premium music for absolutely free. YouTube Music belongs to the freemium version that means it features both free & paid versions. If you want to unlock the limited features, then you are required to upgrade to the YouTube Premium.


Audiomack is another potential website to share & stream music for absolutely free. It is one of the fastest-growing music platforms. If you are struggling to find a reliable source, the Audiomack is certainly the best site to download songs for free. It offers a straightforward interface that makes it appealing & enchanting for the users. The unique thing about Audiomack is that it allows the user to download the tracks without forcing the user to make an account on it.


As the name suggests, CCTrax offers a broad range of premium tracks that can be downloaded without any extra charge. The interface is quite basic but has a variety of music categories and also features a search tab that allows you to filter out your favorite music. So if you are finding trouble in downloading music, then CCTrax is the site to log in.

These were some of the best sites to Listen songs for free in 2o2o. I hope that you are satisfied with our rankings, but if you have any suggestions, then please comment below.

All the websites listed here are trusted?

Yes, we have downloaded multiple times and all the websites are trusted. you can download songs for free easily now.


Music is a magical language understood by all the people all over the world, and that makes it appealing. Most of the people suffer downloading songs because the internet is banning sites which offer unlicensed music. In this article, I have shared the best sites to listen songs for free in 2020 and enjoy a wide range of music. I hope that this comprehensive article helped you and satisfies your search regarding free music.

But if you face any issue in any listed site, then please make a comment below, and I or someone from our team will respond to it with a positive reply in no time. Also, share this comprehensive & rhythmic article with your friends and let them enjoy hassle-less music for absolutely free. Which is your favourite independent artist? Share your experience by commenting below.

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